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Gala Dinner

Friday, 28th of June, 2024


Price per person: $ 50

Kültür College Alumni Lodge

Kültür College Alumni Lodge is an institution that has been handed down from generation to generation from the past to the present. It has a decent and sincere family atmosphere. The majority of our customers are families. You can sit for hours in the garden atmosphere of your home and enjoy a chat with your friends while eating our delicious starters and specially prepared meals. In our garden, far from the hustle and bustle of today's city life, we offer an area where you can sit under the pine trees and spend quality time with your family, where children can play and young people can socialize. With a wide range of starters, it is possible to find something to suit every palate, with our understanding of classic cuisine. We have entertained our customers in the best way with events such as Galas, weddings and birthdays in our garden and left them satisfied.

Sultanahmet Tour (Golden Horn)

Saturday, 29th of June, 2024


Price per person: $30

Discover the must-see sights of Istanbul on a 4-hour tour of its historic landmarks. Go to the Hagia Sophia and iconic Blue Mosque, marvel at the Hippodrome, and experience the Yerebatan Sarnici and Serefiye Sarnici, all with full explanations from a local guide.

The Sultanahnet tour only includes Yerebatan Sarnici, Serefiye Sarnici, and Blue Mosque. To visit Hagia Sophia additional charges will be applied (25 €).

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Pictures of Kültür College Alumni Lodge

Pictures of Sultanahmet (Golden Horn)